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How Can You Host Multiple Websites on a Single Web Hosting Account?

Website hosting is considered to be the most important service to look for when thinking of setting up an online identity. As there are several hosting companies now available in the market, picking the right host is of utmost importance. Though web hosting is not that expensive, but when it comes down to picking quality hosting services, it can become a touch expensive. A lot of individuals now have multiple websites as they prefer to place separate websites for each project, and this is also the right strategy to follow. It is usually recommended to have one website for one specific niche.

If you are also among those who have multiple websites and are not too sure how to go about hosting them, it is suggested that you should take a single hosting account. The benefit of having a single hosting account is that it not only lessens hosting costs, but also saves a lot of time. Here is a simple guide on how to host multiple websites without from a single hosting account.

In order to host multiple websites from a single hosting account you will have to choose a web hosting company, which offers hosting packages that allow the user to host several websites. Once you have shortlisted the company you will have to select a domain the hosting account will be running under. This will be your main domain name. Once you have set up your hosting account you will get the DNS server information from your hosting service provider. Once you have the DNS info you can go ahead and change the DNS server settings to the DNS servers provided by your web host.

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