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Why Windows Web Hosting?

In order to have a successful web presence one needs to take help from a web hosting provider. We all know that website hosting is a service that provides users with an online system for storing information, images, video or any file that can be easily accessed via the internet. So in order to gain from your website, quality hosting services is what you actually require. Obviously, we all want to select a web hosting service provider who offers high-quality hosting solutions, but most people tend to fumble on choosing a platform; i.e. Windows web hosting or Linux web hosting. Here is a small brief on Windows hosting solution.

Windows is a solution designed by Microsoft, and usually comes with a licensing cost. We also know the fact that most web applications being used today are Windows-based and hence this is most recommended. Windows server hosting allows any Microsoft applications to integrate easily and efficiently. Windows hosting is generally recommended to those users who wish to create a website using ASP.NET framework. This web hosting service allows the developer to host a website along with other applications very easily on ASP.NET environment.

Although it is known to be an expensive hosting service, the benefits it brings along with it are certainly worth the extra money. Smooth integration, high level of security, application compatibility and single point of control are some of its most renowned advantages. Windows website hosting is considered Ideal for ASP.NET applications, which allows the users to build a dynamic website and also make it user-friendly. Compatibility with Microsoft applications is another benefit of windows hosting. When it comes to database support, Windows hosting has proved to be much better than other options. For database servers like MSDE, MySQL or MSSQL, Windows platform provides complete integration. Windows hosting also provides better performance in comparison to other platforms. Even at high server loads the servers remain stable.

Moreover, Windows hosting is also said to be very effective. When choosing Windows web hosting service, make sure you choose Net4, India’s leading web hosting service provider.

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